New Zealand Herald

7 November 2015

An exhilarating affirmation of people power.
- Peter Calder, NZ Herald

Newstalk ZB

26 August 2015

It’s understandable to assume most Christchurch residents have heard all of the compelling earthquake stories from friends, family, the media and a handful of documentaries that have screened on nationwide television. However, after watching The Art of Recovery, I was pleasantly surprised and incredibly moved by this powerful story that needed to be told...
- Chris Lynch, Newstalk ZB

Radio New Zealand

15 November 2015

I found it a very engaging piece of cinema and it works as all good movies should. It works as drama, it certainly works visually and as a vehicle for ideas.
- Richard Swainson, Radio New Zealand

Rip It Up

14 September 2015

The Art of Recovery is not what you might expect from a documentary about the Christchurch earthquake...
- Richard Swainson, Rip It Up

The Press

3 September 2015

Fresh from sell-out screenings at the New Zealand International Film Festival, Peter Young's (The Last Ocean) documentary is a kinetic, interesting and inspiring look at the post-earthquakes ``street`` arts and hospitality scene in Christchurch...
- James Croot, The Press


4 November 2015

Using the camera as a megaphone, The Art of Recovery is a mighty documentary that gives great volume to a deserving voice . . .
- Liam Maguren, Flicks

New Zealand Doctor

16 November 2015

This film is a necessary watch to understand the full impact of the quake on the city’s community.
Rachel Wattie, New Zealand Doctor

Stuff Entertainment

15 November 2015

Passionate, articulate interviewees note that the earthquake's silver-lining has been the breaking down of barriers – both literal and metaphorical – between people in the Garden City's communities. It's truly inspirational stuff, and an object lesson in spiritual restoration needing to come from the people and not those supposedly in power.
Sarah Watt, Stuff Entertainment

One Room with a View

4 September 2015

In making great use of drones, Young explores Christchurch’s broken city centre in a fresh and intriguing way, contrasting with more gloomy, traditional news footage of the damage...
- Ellena Zellhuber-McMillan, One Room with a View